About gazit-globe

Our Vision

Creation of value for shareholders: We seek to maximize shareholder value over time by growing and enhancing our global real estate platform, our cash flow and our dividends.


Expanded global presence and market dominance: With the goal of continually strengthening our position as a leading multinational real estate company, we strive to increase our market presence, both in the regions in which we are already active and in new regions.


Think Global, Act Local: We believe that the best way to build our company is through the combination of global and local management teams, thereby combining the Group’s overall expertise and best practices with our local management teams’ keen regional insight.


Micro focus in our macro-operations: As a key to maximizing our growth, we insist upon excellence in all our operations and maintain high quality standards. In practice, this takes the form of an intensive focus on the countless small details that comprise our strategies and ongoing work plans.

Enhanced corporate responsibility: We embrace Corporate Responsibility, in its broadest sense, as a guide and framework for our worldwide activities.  For us, Corporate Responsibility includes the mandate to be socially aware, to contribute to and aid the communities in which we operate, to adopt ethical and transparent modes of conduct and do the utmost to conserve the world’s natural resources. Gazit-Globe is committed to leading processes which reflects its beliefs, and aims to set an example of good corporate citizenship.